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Autumn and winter in my Park

Winter in my Park

Maksimir Park, which was originally developed at the edges of Zagreb at the end of 18th and in the first polovicci 19th century, today it is entirely surrounded by urban settlements. And in this new environment, park Maksimir is a place where, despite its small surface area of 316 hectares, shelter identified many plant and animal species. Because preserved centuries-old oak forest of its value for the protection of endangered species associated with old gapes is great. In the park Maksimir recorded more than a hundred species of birds, of which emphasize the importance of birds cavetes. It is interesting to note that in the Maksimir Park, population density red head woodpeckers (Dendrocopos medius), endangered species in European terms, one of the largest in the world. Are significant and other animals associated with old trees, like squirrels and some species of bats, or globally endangered groups of animals.

Apart from the noise in the park Maksimir might find meadows, lakes and streams, which represent important habitats for various plants and animals, thus contributing to its biodiversity.

At the time of the formation of Park Maksimir was the most modern, most elite and most popular grip on the town and much wider, with which names are bound and the current policy period. Today he is a first-class antique lives of the urban area which needs to retain and preserve a prestigious place among the European historical landmarks contemporary approach to the protection and use.

Park Maksimir Zagreb as the Bois de Boulogne Paris, Berlin Mitte or Regents Park in London, therefore, should recognize its value and ga in the appropriate manner and use.

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