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It is known that the island of Pag with it is beautiful landscape scarred wind and salt, and wild coast on the attack more mysterious always pinpoint the Croatian Adriatic. Unearthly landscape in which a person is exposed to in complete privacy skimpy stone not only is the nearest to God, but also know the secrets of the heavens and the cosmos that cold starry splendor lighs in darkness. And I would Arthur Clarke, undoubtedly, there amazed stalled! Marvelous stone desert scarred his moony rocks is deeply sensuous camera perpetuated photographer Željko Jelenski.

The Japanese respect zen quality photographing the Zagreb master camera unusual structures that prove that a person is always just behind for nature. Quite correctly said we would - the heroes with his avant-garde artistic towers that are expand the limits of freedom possible in the sculpture are only followed the work of a thousand years of wind, salt and water!

"Structures" Željka Jelenskog possess and mooreovske cavity and fragility resembling Giacometti internal bodies of the cave, known to Brancusi perfect compression and Džamonja walnut core.

With the only master of attention to camera rocks entering will shape, soft caress turret coarse or smooth yellow, blue, greenish or pastel yellow and gray surface! Cervine confirms that the record is truly "heroic effort, attention and ascetic peace", as in his essay Immortal "Photographic Gospel" brilliantly write Susan Sontag. Is not one of the biggest - Cartier-Bresson - described himself as a "Zen-scorer who became a target"? Indeed, if a photographer in his part expressed his vision of the world, Jelenski has confirmed his Japanese sensibility, who deeply respects the natural shape. It is not difficult to imagine the photographer, or a passionate rokera, as mopish, surrounded by what kind of Japanese garden. Its "Structures", showing mysterious will the island of Pag, and at the same time Secrets revealed, deeply poetic. Deer, in fact, reveals that in fact the actual mystical nature, thus confirming that the camera is especially unique and analytical tool.

If Francis Pong, another unforgettable France, celebrated the beauty of ordinary things posit their lives, and the clear intention that the photographers their work is not without reason to call "Blue Dreams" or "Structure". Pag landscape, except that reveals his cosmic nature, truly evokes dream. Photos Željka Jelenskog research and have a meditative quality, reduces the feverish spirit of Drainage and spectators in the deeper layers of your own personality as visual exercises yoga confirming such an unforgettable one thought of Henry Miller: "Space is the Cup of Light, only in man's soul, all one, miserably and black . 'Indeed, how much we need to re-discover all marvel world that surrounds us, and you do not see when we do not stop a photographer! Its fantastic content of the photographs confirmed not only that the photographer visualized Pag mastery of American professionals who are from Arizona canyons create planetary myth (Wayne Davies), but that is part of the Croatian national photography created masterpieces.

It is a rare works of Croatian art photos.After all, Željko Jelenski recorded by the reception warriors - shogun - sensitivity a poet!

Text written art critic: Marina Tenžera

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