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Empty Spaces (week one)
Empty Spaces(week two)
Empty Spaces (week three)
Empty Spaces (week four)
(somewhat)Empty Spaces (week five)

Last week I was chatting with nö, and I told her that I was going to work on a theme that I had been thinking about for a while called 'Empty Spaces'. I asked her if she wanted to join me. We would shoot our own interpretation of this theme, and post one picture for each week in September. I often do little themes to keep me shooting and keep my creative juices flowing. She thought that it might be fun. Then we had the idea to invite a few friends to join us. Now much to our surprise and pleasure our little idea has snowballed! So I wanted to let everyone know what the 'rules' are; one picture each week, link it to everyone else's picture. That's it. Thanks for joining us!

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