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Wild yet Tame

During my trip into the National Monument Canyon de Chelle in Northern Arizona this summer, we came upon numerous small herds of Wild yet Tame horses inside the canyon. These horses were in excellent health and appeared to be quite content in their life. The Navajo guide that we spent the day with (entrance into the canyon is by Navajo guide only) informed us that theses horses are descendants of the original horses that were here hundreds of years ago. Additional stock has been brought in occasionally, but the horses rarely leave the canyon. The herds will roam free from pasture to pasture to seek water, food and to socialize. They also allow their human residents of the canyon to ride or use them as needed. I was extremely touched by this particular herd, not only because of the close proximity I was allowed to photograph them, but more importantly because of the reaction of the colt behind the fence as they passed by. He was very vocal with the mares and babies, as they continued down the road. I was able to catch his emotion in his eye and body language. I followed them visually down the road until they joined him in the pasture. This experience in the canyon and with this herd will forever be a part of the fabric of my soul!

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