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JPG Artifacting - How to Super Clean Your Images!

'Three Pots Shadow'
'Dramatic Sky'
'Lighted Bird'
'Periwinkle Twinkle'
'Desert Dunes'

Over the years, I have had several digital cameras; 2mp, 3, 4...8... etc... well, I would like to use some of those photos, but they are noisy, full of jpeg artifacts and lots of pixelation that needs cleaning...

I use Photoshop CS for this task and store all of my images in iPhoto 08. While researching filters for CS, I came across a demo of a plugin called "Neat Image".

The demo only works on the upper left 1024 x 1024 sized area; but it showed enough on my image to convince me to pay for the full version. It is amazing the difference after using Neat Image: Here is a sample of the artifacting and noise that it removes:

I can now use all of my older images that were completely useless for stock, enlargements, and many other uses. It does soften areas that are really noisy, but I'd rather have a softer usable image than noisy useless chunks.

The application is made for Mac & PC and there are other applications besides PS that it will work perfectly with.

The other option, of course; is to buy a Canon MkIII and reshoot every one of your 12,999 images in your library... ;-P


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  • peggy gardner

    peggy gardner gave props (11 Sep 2009):

    good point...I mean pixel...anyway, you've shot 12,999?...I would hate to be your next shot....HEY thanks for posting this, wow, the outcome is a little like ortonizing - manipulations of images with issues is very did a stellar job here and the quality is mag !!!.

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (11 Sep 2009):

    Hell YEAH! Rad!

  • Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson said (11 Sep 2009):

    I think I'll give it a look but I doubt the cleaned up images will make it past the reviewers at iStock. I stopped contributing because everything was being rejected. I suppose a better camera/lens would help!

  • J. Harris Blacklist

    J. Harris Blacklist said (11 Sep 2009):

    @ Richard: if you are submitting to iStock, just resize the image to a smaller size that will remove any feathering in the image... Mine are getting accepted.

  • Natalie S

    Natalie S gave props (11 Sep 2009):

    Thanks, J. Helpful info.

  • Cindy Coubrough

    Cindy Coubrough said (18 Sep 2009):

    That is a cool program! I'm gonna play with the trial some more, but it's seems easy to use and l like that you can use it as a stand alone or plug in. Thanks J.!

  • diana

    diana (Deleted) gave props (19 Sep 2009):

    thanks for the info, great shots!

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (20 Sep 2009):

    cool photo essay and thanks for the great info.

  • Nicolette de Joncaire

    Nicolette de Joncaire   gave props (27 Jun 2010):

    Thanks for the great info and the software is quite reasonable

  • Michael Risenhoover

    Michael Risenhoover (Deleted) gave props (22 Jul 2010):

    Great story, I've been using neatimage for quite some time now, it's good stuff!

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