Photo Essay

Peruvian Amazon

Pacaya Samiria

During my two weeks in Peru I stayed on a boat called the Ayapua with a group of other students. The boat was restored from the rubber boom industry and looked exactly like boats from its time! We helped Peruvian biologists and university students collect data and do research on species such as river dolphins, fish, caimans, mac caws, primates and more.

We also visited a small indigenous village in the Pacaya Samiria reserve. We gave them gifts as a gesture of thanks for allowing us onto their land to do this research. The research that Operation Wallacea does in the reserve also works to benefit communities like these because they can give suggestions on what game is best to stay away from in a season and so on.

After our stay on the amazon and pacaya samiria river we headed back to Iquitos but not before visiting Pilpintuwasi! Pilpintuwasi is a butterfly farm and animal orphanage that takes in rescued wild animals. Some of their animals include Pedro the jaguar, Lucas the tapir, Rosa the anteater and many other animals.

These two weeks in Peru was one of the most unique travel experiences I have ever had, and likely ever will have. We were able to experience a part of Peru that not many people are permitted to see. Amazing wildlife, and amazing people made for a trip I won't ever forget.

With that said I can't wait to return to Peru some day.

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