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My God!!!! Ganesha

Ganpati 01

"Ganesha" is one of the most popular deity in India & "Ganpati pooja " is the most popular festival in the state of Maharashtra. It is celebrated with much pomp & show The Idols of the 'Ganpati' are established in homes, streets, and colonies and are worshiped for 11 days.

On the final day, these idols are immersed in rivers, lakes & the sea.

I was fortunate to witness the "Ganesh Visarjan" in Mumbai on the 3rd of September. Although Mumbai is always 'live' but on this day it was

- simply to say - electric!

There were drums, dance, and music & the atmosphere was, in my own words - 'great'. I was lucky to click some pictures at the Chowpaati

beach. Millions were enjoying the festivities in spite of the frequent heavy monsoon showers. Media was there in its full strength to cover

the event. The Media coverage for various pandals lasts for 11 days & every person in India knows about "Lalbagh cha raja".

The very next morning, I happened to visit Girgaum Chowpaati. It was a sad site. The Ganesha idols in various stages of disintegration were lying on the beach, & the same people who were worshiping them a day before, were walking all over them.

Poor 'Lord Ganesha" was completely forgotten.

As the "navratras" begin, people from all over India will bring the 'deity' home for prosperity. The idols of Ganesha are also popular gifts on Diwali, as they are supposed to bring good luck. The Marriage season is also beginning and most of the marriage cards will have the images of 'The Ganesha' on it. The Diwali cards will also have

" Ganesha' printed on them.

But: Poor 'Lord Ganesha'! What happens to him after the celebrations? His Idols are thrown away & the cards - bearing His image - find their

way into the rubbish. We still keep requesting the "deity" to come again the next year, and year after year to bless us. So the cycle does not break and goes on again & again, year after year.

Poor Ganesha give him a break!

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