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My Empty Spaces

Desert Beauty 01 (Empty Spaces 5)
Empty Scream 02
Look Up
Week 3, Empty Spaces - Grandpa's Chair
Week 2, Empty Spaces - Have a Seat
Week 1, Empty Spaces - Where I Used to Walk

I've found that keeping my eye open for "Empty Spaces" has really made me see the world around differently than before. I notice myself paying more attention to light and shadow and the way they play across empty spaces making what would normally be seen as plain and empty as something beautiful. I think this should be a JPG challenge in general so more people will try it out and be similarly inspired!

Check out the comments section for a list of the members I've found, if you're not on the list add a link to your "Empty Space" too!

Thanks Penny for the great idea! I have really enjoyed looking for my weekly Empty Spaces photo. Check out Penny's and other Empty Spaces photos below:

Penny Nannini


k. pasa? k. pasa?

Digital Incline

Nick Blair

Joseph Rotindo

Robin Smith

Urbano Desprini

Litz Go

petey whitelaw

Tricia Louvar

Sonia Adam Murray

Brenda Burk

Joerg Schlagheck

Aaron Schwartz

♥ Cairenn ♥

Pilar Coll I Gatells

Alexis Gerard

Kevin House

Erika Pisu

peggy gardner

Gail Anderson

Jen bellefleur

Natalie S

J. Harris Blacklist

Neil Maclean

B Teacher

markus zundel

Ina K°

Alice Dalla Stella

C. Genic

Cory Verellen

Jennifer fogg

Jason Platt

Jan Hoffman



Jonathan Davis

Warren ~Mangione~

Jim Hart

Michele Randell

Michael Ellis

David Province

Catherine Hadler

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