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Light Painting With a Twist

If you want to know how to light paint with your iPhone or iPod touch, follow these directions.

First, you need an iPod touch or iPhone, then you need to get the flash light app called '"MyLite". After you download the app, set the flash light, put it on the mode that changes colors while it strobes, or any other setting you like. When you take a picture set the shutter speed to about four to six seconds in a fairly dark room, maybe have he TV on, or just enough light to see around the room. While taking the picture get creative with the movement of the light, and great results will occur. If you follow these simple directions, you should get the same results as I did.

The app is totally free on iTunes, there are very few flashlight apps for the iPhone or iPod touch with the changing colored strobes and solid colored screens all in one for free. Light painting with this technique is so much fun. To get a group of friends all together and making one giant light painting makes it even more fun. But some things that make light painting a little easier is:

1. Only use a shutter speed of about four to six seconds.

2. Get crazy with your movements, the more you move the more fun you will have, and the better the pictures will turn out.

3. Try, try, and try. Take as many picture as you can with this, then you will have tons of great pictures to pick from when you are deciding to print or upload to the Internet.

4. If you don't know how to set a camera manually, set it to a landscape mode for this technique. The landscape mode will give you a shutter speed between four and six seconds, and it will set the aperature so that you can see all the light in the picture.

5. Even if you don't have an SLR you can still get pictures like these. All the pictures used for the story were taken with a simple point and shoot. All you have to do is set it to a "fireworks" mode, which most point and shoots have, and begin shooting.

6. Last of all, you don't have to have a really fancy camera to be a great photographer and to get great photos.

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5 responses

  • Ben Boyle

    Ben Boyle said (4 Oct 2009):

    You can get some great effects this way, and the app is available in the Android Market too.


    JOE FAILK gave props (4 Oct 2009):

    Fantasic set of photos Voted

  • Jerry Pittman

    Jerry Pittman gave props (4 Oct 2009):

    Great set of photos, and the story and instruction an added bonus. Well done.

  • WilmaJean F

    WilmaJean F (Deleted) said (14 Jul 2010):

    I need this app. Now. Thanks for the review;)

  • duncan creamer

    duncan creamer said (17 Feb 2011):

    I missunderstood. I thought this was going to explain how to take light-paint photos with an iPhone. Any light source can be used in a light-paint photo, but is there an app to keep the iPhone shutter open?

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