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The hidden museum

The museum5

Septfontaines is, with it's 754 inhabitants, a little sleeping village in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In this village where everybody knows everybody there is one café-camping, Bistrot An der Ho. There in the attic is a WW2 museum run by Jérôme Kirsch, the local postman.

Jérôme has been collecting, for 13 years now, all sorts of militaria concerning WW2 activities in this part of Luxembourg.

Ok, another museum you will tell me. Well I don't agree. This little museum has reconstructed a few stories that actualy happened there.

The first story is about a local guy enrolled by force in the German Army. When he heard the American troups were nearby he fled and surrendered. He was first believed to be a German spy and received a serious beating, having a consistent story the Americans finally believed him.

The second one was an American medical soldier on the run for the Germans. A local lady gave him a place to hide and food in return for medical care for her injured child. He was never captured.

The third story is about an officer forgotten by his own army, stuck in the forest with little food and ammo. He lasted three weeks alone, shooting at everything that moved. Being out of food and ammo he stumbled in Septfontaines and was told by the surprised local people that the Germans had fled. The American troups had moved on to Clervaux, 80 km's further. Thinking he was killed in action they didn't even bother looking for him. This man had serious mental issues in the years that followed....but met a local lady whom he married.

This is not a museum about big military strategies or huge battles, but just a place that tells the stories of little people( like you and me ) in wartime. Jérôme has more plans with this little attic, but I think he already managed rather well.

Next year we meet again Jérôme !

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  • Regenia Brabham

    Regenia Brabham (Deleted) gave props (17 Nov 2009):

    This is such a cool story and it really sounds like a great place. I love how is is telling the smaller stories.

  • Rob Roy

    Rob Roy (Deleted) gave props (17 Nov 2009):

    Well documented in text and super images!!

  • Richard Knight

    Richard Knight (Deleted) gave props (17 Nov 2009):

    Exciting stories, superb images, and a 48-star flag! Well done!!!

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