Photo Essay

How these photos were done.

Disco Fever

Some have asked how the light painting was done. Stef purchased some light sticks from a dollar store, the sticks were her idea. The camera was set up on a tripod. I set the camera to aperture priority, F-stop to 12 and ISO 100. The F-stop and ISO were arbitrary and selected for DOF and longer exposure time.

I had Stef stand at the point where the photo would be shot and set the focus (make sure you have auto focus set to OFF).

With setup complete the person making the design standing in the correct place and holding the light sticks out of the photo the lights were shut off. If the light sticks are in the view of the camera when pressing the shutter it will shorten the exposure time.

Press the shutter button and create your design. Count the seconds to the shutter closes. If you do this on the next photo you can count off the time when creating your image. Of course holding the sticks in place increases the brightness and moving more quickly will create a fainter image.

The image that looks like stars was the flash reflecting off tiny bugs flying around at night and cigar smoke to simulate stellar gas.

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  • Regenia Brabham

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    What a great explanation of light shooting and my CONGRATS Joe for ia story Published, well done mate!

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    what fun, thanks for sharing !

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    Great explaination, Joe, Thanks! Can't wait to try this with the kids

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    a very nice series JOE :) Thanks !!!

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    Thanks for the lesson, I had no idea how this was done? Great essay

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