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Big cat's Hanging out

Just hang out here!!
After a hard days work

I have 2 pics of a female lion I took at the Jacksonville Zoo in Sept on a trip with some Soldiers in my Unit. I hardly ever even see the Lionness on my fairly frequent trips during the summer months. However, this time there she was hung out on the tree so big and royal. If you look close you'll see blood on the tree that she had draped her self on. You will also see that her paw was bleeding and her arms are very scared from recent fighting which. I believe I'd just missed because a younger lionness was out of the camera's eye playing with the Male lion. The female on the tree looks like she lose that fight for his affections so she dragged her self over to the tree to ( Just hang out here ). This to me even though it was taken in a Zoo is a glimpse in the life of these big cats. I also feel these two photos are the best two Photo's I've ever had the opportunity to take.

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