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It must be considered that germany youthwelfare (Jugendamt) has an active role in paritcipating in criminalising fathers from a different country.

Despite scientific dossiers and law. They keep on criminalizing discriminating and mobbing fathers. Which had similar effects like the milgram project.(Punishing good behaviour instead)

They use brutal force with psychological methodes If you're not cooperating while it 's against moral and ethical standards(violation of humanrights-violation of childrenrights violation of law verdicts)They put the parent mostly the foreign parent , in germany. In situations well organised at forehand that it seems the parent without custody is a brutal and criminal person.

You see that often in child abductions where the "proffesionals" develope an tubewatch.Or much worser are trained to lie cheat and weldressed psycho hooligans

And participating in "Rechtsbeugung" (turning the law verdict around against the "victorius" parent.

Forgetting the child . and Don't respond on signs but using the signs against the parent which is excluded. Against the will of the child.

Demand him to keep silent and he is not allowed to call mail or write to be informed about his son.

This with the knowledge when the Jugendamt was grounded you can conclude that nationalistic socialisme is evolved in a subtile psychological undemocratic killing machine. Or in other words welmannered barbarism.

ps Dear LiJuan what ever they say about me i'm here to hold you and think of you.

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