Photo Essay



This was my first visit to a true Mandir, located in Lilburn, Ga, among strip malls and redneck residencies; so, yes, it is VERY out of place, given the cultural and historic context of the geographic location.

Stricken by the beauty of the building, I knew from the first time I saw it that I had to photograph it. Fortunately for me, I visited on a bright summer day, and the white of the building gleamed under the blue, blue sky.

I shot with my two favorite cameras: my Canon XTi and my Holga.

Honestly, I thought the Holga pictures would turn out to be the most striking, but I love the Canon's pictures much more, I think. But both are pretty nifty for what they are.

Also, I've got to say the parishoners (for lack of a better word) of the Mandir were among the most hospitable, warm and friendly people I've EVER met.

I was thuroughly impressed not only with the building and the holiness it enshrined, but also with the people I met there.

...Just goes to show, beauty is where you find it. Never ignore the unknown - you'll find more than you could've guessed there.

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