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Dropped in a lake

Stylus 770 SW by Olympus
Bluegill #4
Bluegill #5
Bluegill #3
Bluegill #2
Bluegill #1

I recently bought a new Stylus 770 SW because it boasts the toughest specs of any point and shoot I've seen on the market. It's waterproof to 33 feet, drop safe from up to 5 feet and crush proof to 220 pounds. An all around work horse. I've lost countless point and shoot cameras to my back pocket and a bad memory so this camera sounded perfect for me. I was also excited about being able to take it snorkeling and not have to ever use a useless underwater disposable again.

I was recently in West Virginia for a family reunion which was held at a lake that was fairly well stocked with friendly Blue Gill so I thought I'd give the underwater features a test run. These shots were taken by just sticking my arm a few feet into the water from the dock. I tried several different auto-exposure modes and varied the use of flash to see what different effects I could get. Unfortunately I didn't make any notes so I can't elaborate on which settings resulted in which photos. I don't recommend using flash underwater though unless the water is perfectly clean since every bit of debris will be lit up like a small sun and require extensive image manipulation to remove the spots.

The results are interesting and I'm quite surprised and pleased with the images. The originals were slightly muddy and washed out but auto-levels in Photoshop cleaned them up. No other modifications were done to these.

My only criticism of the camera is that the LCD, while very large is very very hard to see clearly in direct sunlight. The thick glass over the screen is highly reflective and makes checking your shots somewhat difficult when on the spot.

For a mid-range point and shoot I am really pleased with the 770 SW and plan on keeping it in my pocket, the front one, for the foreseeable future.

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