My Precious

Family Clock

Clock by Edingburg Clock Works Company 1818
Family Clock #1
Family Clock #5
Family Clock #4
Family Clock #3
Family clock #2

It all started in 1818. My great, great, great, great, great, great Grandmother: age 14 at the time, bought her first item that she had ever gotten with her own money. Back in her day's, things were not as much as they are today, so this clock only caust her about $2.00. She cherished this clock with all her heart, and made a sworn promise to keep this clock, and have it be passed down to future generations. She soon died in 1870. Even though she had only lived to see 52 years, she had 4 boys and 5 girls. Also by this time 2 of the boys had gotten murdered. This happened because they refused to give up the clock to their master. He almost killed all 5 girls as well because they refused to do the same thing. The girls got ran away with the clock, not turing back for anything. The rest of the boys were very unfortunate. Some records show that they stayed at the plantation, only to never know what happened to their moms clock. But a dairy from one of my great grandma's shows that they ran away as well. "Only one my brothes gotton away. he tell me "other brother die. fell he did some were in woods. couldent help if try white man had gun dogs other white mans. i just kept runing runing i did all i could do."

Later on down the road the diary went on to say they meet up on a small street. "some were safe."So what she did was pass on the clock to Robert (name of the last remaining great grandfather), hoping and praying that it would be safer with him. He carried it with him everywhere. About this time he had no where to go. All he had was the clothes on his back and the clock that had been already through so much.

Much, much later on he had 3 kids and was at the age of sixty one. His kids were now at the ages of 20, 19, and 18. Going on tradition he passed the item down to his oldest child. She grew and grew to have a total of 6 boys and 5 girls. What she didn't know is that one of those young ladies would soon become my mother.

My Grandma died at the age of 61. Before she died she gave my mom-being the oldest of the girls, the family clock.

I am the only child now. I now own this wonderful clock and I am going to make sure this clock stays in our generation. Keeping the history of our family. The strugle, love, and care shown through how well kept this clock will stay. Keeping in mind that it is now my chance to keep the past-present.

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