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Life: A Song

November Rain

I finished a book last week: "Life on a train platform" by Octavian Paler. Fabulous one ! I want to share with you one text which I particularly liked and which keeps obsessing me ever since. It's a philosophical approach on our evanescent life... I'll translate some lines, my friends, for you to make an idea about the genius Paler was:

"We are like a song, don't you think? A song can never be played from the end to the beginning. You must always sing it heading to the end. Along, while you're still singing and the music fuddles you, you realize that the end is coming nevertheless, however you'd delay it. You try to lengthen the notes, but this doesn't backward the song, doesn't revive what's dead meanwhile. You only delay the end. [...] The music will die. In the middle of the concert, we're not able to run through tones thicket right to the moment when, fuddled by sound, we opened our lips and started whispering. As you advance into emotion, you come closer to its end. Nothing can't save you. There are only passing beauties. [...] If we'd try getting back... but no, we're not able. Nor to stop."

Along with this text I've added some season photographs revealing the end of nature's song, a song so different from ours, a song starting again next spring - the same concert of colors, sounds and emotions. But we'll be perceiving it different, 'cause we'll be singing the next verse of our chant.

Thank you !

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  • ♥ Cairenn ♥

    ♥ Cairenn ♥ said (8 Nov 2009):

    !! LuV !! this!... Thank You!

  • eithne mythen

    eithne mythen gave props (9 Nov 2009):

    Beautiful Camil, thanks for sharing, some gorgeous shots too..

  • Mary Brown

    Mary Brown gave props (17 Nov 2009):

    Such words of truth and wisdom!

  • diana

    diana (Deleted) gave props (20 Nov 2009):

    i like! voted

  • Away to noway

    Away to noway said (2 Mar 2010):

    i actually have no proper comment to say after, this .......

  • Luke Everett

    Luke Everett gave props (21 Mar 2010):

    Brilliant...... Such thought and talent.....Voted, bravo

  • Christopher J Chalk

    Christopher J Chalk gave props (29 Mar 2010):

    What an inspiring essay, complemented by your lovely images! Voted.

  • Roxana Brivent-Barnes

    Roxana Brivent-Barnes said (27 Jul 2010):

    My vote!

  • Roxana Brivent-Barnes

    Roxana Brivent-Barnes said (30 Aug 2010):

    Back to this story, is very touchy, incredible for me, it raises my contraries feelings, makes me want to be home, but soon enough I realise that this beauty is through your wonderful eyes.

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