My Precious

my first camera

Sigma SD14 by SIGMA

I am interested in taking picture but I don't know how to make it. Surfing on the net and enjoying other picture is that what I do. I do reading camera reviews,lens and comments of people on the pic.

Here are the story begin...on one evening I just walk in to Bahrain city center (Bahrain biggest mall) and I found the camera sale is going on...I just do not believe that Sigma SD14 body and Lens (17-70mm) was tagged at BD150 about USD390...I just grab it and start making picture...I do not even know how to operate this camera.....

My first pic was taken at home...but it is completely blank...I never know how to handle the settings of my camera....but i keep continue to read the manual...surfing on the net and keep shooting.....

From blank picture... it is totally dark picture...and then becoming blur picture , over exposure picture and finally a picture with comments posted on this ""...

I keep going on doing a snap and take a pic with my SIGMA SD14....

When I took a shoot normally it is repeatedly by 5 to 10 times I try any settings to get as good as possible picture with the reference from the sigma manual book and some information from the internet.

I do asking my dear friends who ever have had experience on this field and I write what ever the suggestion and lesson I got on my note book.

Now I have small experience on this activity seems need plenty of time for me to go through daily life and becoming familiar with the settings of my camera.

I just have an Idea spark on my head to hook mini note book connected to the video out from my camera, by doing this I will be able to see and analyze the pic has been taken immediately.

I hope this will help me to get great picture....

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