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'Twas The Night Before Christmas

'Twas The Night Before Christmas
All Things Grow, All Things Grow
Alice Finds The Christmas Tree
I'm Not So Good At This...(for K and nö)

I always embrace Christmas with the same childlike abandon now in my 30s as when i was a kid...

Everyone has a different perception of the Christmas spirit - be it good, bad or indifferent - and I'm inviting my newly found Jpeg friends to capture their thoughts/feelings/emotions on the season in any way they choose.

No holds barred, everything counts, all ideas have a home!

The one rule - all pics to be posted by Christmas eve.

Just post a link in the comments "stocking" below - as many as you want!

(I'm new to this game, so spread the word to like minds if you wish!)

"We're beginning to look a lot like Christmas"



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