Photo Essay

the misfits - accountability

new allegiance/the photos

...side eye bailed the midwife out of jail, hoping to score some photographs (what of?) that she can use in a blackmail scheme...but the midwife's agenda becomes clear during the night and side eye realizes she needs to get rid of her! lingering in the bathroom, she has an idea.... the bride is a single mother now, and the glow of the reunion has given way to the malaise of diapers and screaming. frustrated, she places a call...the baby daddy? meanwhile, the ugly rebound caught up with her old friend from the club after a hot bath that doesn't appear to have done any good and a cup of hot tea. side eye and the sexually aggressive midwife "celebrate" a tense thanksgiving...meanwhile...little black dress lives! the mystery man rescued her, but why? what does he want from her? they are the misfits!

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