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the misfits - satellites

hired/the value-added accountant

side eye hopes to rekindle things with red a hospital burn unit, a heavily bandaged patient under the name "jane doe" suffers from electrocution burns.....and amnesia! who is she, staff wonders? the accountant, who is also an enforcer/private eye, takes a call about a new job...who was it, and what is the job? her first assignment turns out to be surveillance--the ugly rebound! haven't we seen her business partner before? meanwhile, little black dress is put on the spot to put out for the mystery man, who rescued her from the burning house and hid her from her enemy, side eye...the ugly rebound is encouraged by her benefactor to get an attorney regarding the drunk driving accident she caused, which SOMEONE (side eye!) is using to blackmail her...they are the misfits!

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