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Underwater Love in the Venice of the North

Cork Underwater Love

Cork City Underwater

November 09

The mad thing is I couldn't develop the film because we had no water...

For 12 days 20,000 people in the city had no water. There were water tankers deployed at various points in the northside and one or two spots on the southside. This is because the pumping station is actually in the river, on the flood plane, at the point where river usually bursts it's banks. (Yeah lets build it here lads great spot sure what could go wrong)

This happens when there is a long period of rain leading to the Inniscarra Power station having to release water to alleviate pressure on the walls of the Dam. This along with a high tide and an easterly wind causes problems at least once every two years. But all of the above left us in a real mess this year.

The water you can't really blame on anyone but the pumping station in the river might be one area they could improve..

an Irish problem....with no Irish solution

and now it's full of chlorine

Cork has suffered from flooding for centuries the results of building a city on a marsh.

All the streets in the city centre are built over old rivers, and for a few days last month they were rivers...I shot on my Yashica D TLR with a red filter loaded with Tri-x 400. I used my Nikon F100 as a light-meter and also took some shots with it which I have yet to post.

It was a surreal place to be and there was a quiet about the place like after some big disaster or before a snowfall.

People just walked around looking bemused and confused while others played in the water.

The best bit was watching 'important' business men huffing and puffing about the place trying to find their way to work..I have a very important job to go to.. I mean..really!!!!

Yeah get off the horse sham and live it like the rest of us.. I haven't had a shower in three days!!!!

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10 responses

  • Devin Hayes

    Devin Hayes gave props (9 Dec 2009):

    excellent story, brilliant photos

  • Sean Rice

    Sean Rice gave props (9 Dec 2009):

    I must say I am very pleased with this photo essay. There's something about the quietness that does come through in your photos. "Walking On Water" is my favorite out of this bunch, excellent composition!

  • Indah Susanti

    Indah Susanti said (10 Dec 2009):

    wonderful essay! well done..

  • Steven Brooks

    Steven Brooks (Deleted) said (10 Dec 2009):

    I love this! Great way to turn an awful situation into something actually quite beautiful. Big props!

  • markus zundel

    markus zundel gave props (10 Dec 2009):

    so irish, so rory, so good...

  • catharine amato

    catharine amato gave props (10 Dec 2009):

    great story with amazing pics!

  • Michaela K.

    Michaela K. gave props (10 Dec 2009):

    my vote,Rory!!!!

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (10 Dec 2009):

    Hell YEAH! Rad!

  • A F

    A F gave props (12 Dec 2009):

    nice work.

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