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the misfits - the inevitable

show down
watched/brand new day
she went home with WHO?!
i got a new princess phone/i know what you're up to
who was that dear sister?
it's just for a couple of days/no way
dawn's early light/let's go to the mall
get the upper hand
what the hell?!

the ugly rebound is shacked up in the airstream, feeling completely alone in the woods near red bow's house...but she is watched/stalked by the value-added accountant whose mission is unknown...meanwhile, little black dress follows up on the jane doe/midwife story in the paper, and goes to the hospital to see the patient. she is SHOCKED to discover that the midwife....went home with side eye! she's determined to find side eye and confront her with the fact that she's posing as the sweet sister of the woman she tried to murder in the tub (as well as side eye's attempt on little black dress back at the house, when side eye left her for dead in a burning building!). little black dress calls up side eye on her spanky new turquoise princess phone and confronts her about the midwife, and lets her know she's coming looking for her. side eye hangs up and bluffs the jane doe/midwife, but takes her over to red bow's to see if she can stay there for a bow sends her down the path to the airstream, and the girls head for the mall for some retail therapy....where they run into little black dress! little black dress and side eye get into a cat fight! they are the misfits!

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