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Drivin N Cryin


A few weeks ago, my friend, Bryan, asked me to shoot his band's upcoming concert at the Tabernacle, a many-splendored, historic performance venue in downtown Atlanta. His band is called "The HEAP" and they opened for Drivin N Cryin, a well known local band who, by the way, rock!

It was my first foray into a truly professional artistic atmosphere. I got my photo-pass so I could shoot on and off stage, back stage, wherever I wanted.

The moment I followed DnC on stage (a few paces behind, obviously, to distance myself) I knew I was in for something more than what I expected.

And then the thunder came: the sheer energy that beamed back as the band ripped into a well-known tune, Detroit City Rock, starting their performance, shook me to the point I thought I might be having an out-of-body experience. My heart pulsed with the sounds and the adrenaline that coursed through me. The thud and thump of the rhythms that ensued stirred the crowd into a screaming frenzy rife with the power and emotion that come from such events...

Simply put: Their music was a switch that turned everybody on.

And there I was; I felt like I was walking on the moon -- my faculties nearly failing me as my senses instantly became over stimulated by all that enveloped me: sound, sights, smells, sensations.

Other than the opening tune, I can't even tell you what they played. I was in the zone: I wrestled with ISO, shutter speed, aperture-- never sure of myself enough to stick with any one setting for too long. I had to ensure the photos turned out WELL.

I was quite pleased, indeed.

Drivin N Cryin members: Mac Carter -- rhythm guitar, Tim Nielson -- bass, Kevn Kinney -- lead guitar/vocals, Dave Johnson -- drums/percussion

Joined onstage by the following guest stars: Colonel Bruce Hampton -- guitar, Bryan J Howard -- bass, the HEAP horn section: Chris Costigan -- Alto Sax, Marc Gilley -- Tenor Sax, Kate Mikulka -- Bari Sax, Jeff Crouch -- Trumpet

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