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A Holiday Card Process

Holiday Card '09
Holiday Card '09: Outtake No. 1
Holiday Card '09: Outtake No. 4
Holiday Card '09: Outtake No. 2
Holiday Card '09: Outtake No. 3
Holiday Card '09: Outtake No. 5

So, since at home I'm now considered the full-time in-house photographer, every year I'm now tasked with shooting and designing our holiday card.

This year's was no different with the exception of the kids having colds during the first three weeks of December, which prevented us from shooting them and in-turn caused a delay in us sending out our cards in a timely fashion.

Fast forward to December 18th, the kiddies finally feel well enough to shoot and the creative mandated from the client (aka as my wife) was that we get one shot of both kids, looking at the camera and smiling. Ay-Ay, Captain!

Well...easier said than done with a 3 and a 17 month old. It was nearly impossible during our two hours of shooting. The older one started out un-cooperatively for the 1st hour until we put on Sesame Street and shot her while she focused on looking at the TV. With the younger one, it was all about keeping him from crying. In all, we shot a total of 257 images which led to some great individual shots and a few good outtakes of them together but no one definitive holiday card shot.

Hmmm...what is a photographer to do? I got my creative thinking cap on and decided to make lemonade out of lemons.

The client and I edited the original 257 shots down to 18 from which we selected the final 9.

Although the contact sheet concept is not original, it worked well in this instance, as you can see from the main photo.

Here's the Holiday card followed by 5 outtakes that didn't make the cut.

The moral of this shoot is that creativity always reigns supreme!

DETAILS: Shot in our apartment on a Nikon D700 with an off camera strobe using a backdrop. Designed using and CS4's Photoshop and InDesign.



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