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Journey Through a Car Wash

Car Wash no.1
Car Wash no.2
Car Wash no.3
Car Wash no.4
Car Wash no.5
Car Wash no.6
Car Wash no.7
Car Wash no.8
Car Wash no.9
Car Wash no.10

The car wash I go to is automated in such a way, after putting the car into neutral, there is little to do other than sit back and watch machine do its work. Since the car is moving on it's own, with no steering involved it provided an opportune time to take some photographs of the action. "sprishhheee" the soap is applied. "Slosh slosh slosh" the first set of flat brushes envelop the car. "hummmmmmmm! Slappp HummmmmSlap" more brushes go to work. "pssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh" a final rinse before the " ooowwooooohhhhhh" of the blowers come on and the car is dried off. And the car is clean!

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