Photo Essay

The Thicket

12-23-09 (Thicket -4)

I live near San Mateo (in the SF Bay Area) in an area consisting of a series of gradually rising ridges running parallel to, and overlooking the bay. The canyons between these ridges are quite steep and densely wooded, therefore some of this land has not yet been developed for housing and is home to deer, coyotes, bobcats, racoons, possums, skunks and other wildlife.

In many cases, roads cut through these valleys, and there is one in particular that I travel frequently. Along that road, wire fences and "no trespassing" signs have started to appear along with construction equipment and markers. As I passed by one late afternoon the light brought the thicket alive, highlighting the planes of terrain, the intricate structures of the vegetation and its rich muted hues. I stopped the car by the side of the road and photographed for half an hour.

These images are my "thank you" to one of the last stretches of virgin land in my neighborhood, whose unassuming beauty has enriched my life for so many years, and will soon disappear.

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9 responses

  • Lise Utne

    Lise Utne gave props (25 Jan 2010):

    You know I love them all! (So yes, rad!)

  • Simon Kossoff

    Simon Kossoff (Deleted) said (25 Jan 2010):

    This is a really fantastic series!!!!!

  • Gary Joseph Cohen כוהן

    Gary Joseph Cohen כוהן (Deleted) gave props (25 Jan 2010):

    Elegiac, Alexis. I understand you as a brother now, if you will allow me the privilege of saying that. Beautifully rendered, and soulfully mournful, this story.

  • Michele Randell

    Michele Randell gave props (13 Feb 2010):

    Soulful and full of reverence for what we lose daily and remember..A beautiful series!

  • Ronnie Ginnever

    Ronnie Ginnever said (22 Feb 2010):

    Thank you for documenting and sharing these soulful images. I so love the SF Bay area. This essay brings back many ancient memories It makes me sad to see the things we love slowly disappear.

  • claudia luthi

    claudia luthi gave props (22 Feb 2010):

    wonderful essay. Alexis, of an universal theme/problem/concern - love every single image of this misterious and beautiful thicket

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (23 Feb 2010):

    Hell YEAH! Rad!

  • Roxana Brivent-Barnes

    Roxana Brivent-Barnes said (2 Aug 2010):

    Absolutely, the more we advance, the more we destroy! My vote!

  • Lise Utne

    Lise Utne gave props (14 Aug 2010):

    Such a perfect elegy.

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