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The White Picket Fence


My American Dream was to simply live a good life. To set roots somewhere, find a bit of sunshine and fulfillment. The need to belong has taken me on many different paths. Still, moving has not always been a constant in my life.

One of my dreams was to own a place to call my own. A place where I could always come home to. A place big enough for my two boys to run around. A place where they can live out the hours of the day happy and carefree.

I never imagined this home would be surrounded by a white picket fence. Really, the picket fence is inconsequential. Aesthetically, the fence does not do anything for me. Visually, I can't get past the fact that it needs a new coat of paint and much needed repair. This fence has been a thorn in my side.

Lately though, two people have mentioned how the white-picket fence is an integral part of some of my photographs. I looked through my photographs, those I have uploaded to JPG and those I have kept for myself. The fence is nearly always in the background, in one form or another.

I shouldn't be surprised this is the case. The backyard, with the white picket fence as its border, has been more than a playground for my two boys. It has been a place where they have grown and developed. The same holds true for me: It is here where I've grown as a photographer, always following my boys' steps camera in hand.

Most of the pictures are of my two boys, though there have been lots of children that have played in our backyard: friends and neighbors have spent long evening hours.

The white picket fence seems to hold it all together. At least for now, it has contained us. One day, the boys and I will venture beyond its pickets.

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11 responses

  • s w

    s w said (25 Jan 2010):

    what a fantastic story. Thank you for sharing and the images indeed allow us to peak into your little world and what a lovely world it is. Sweet collection of moments captured so well. No doubt voted

  • Leanne Silva

    Leanne Silva gave props (27 Jan 2010):

    Great collection of images! I hope I get to have a place to call my own sometime too, where my children can run around...

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (29 Jan 2010):

    great photo essay, Marco! my vote

  • Muhammad Qurban

    Muhammad Qurban gave props (30 Jan 2010):

    OMG! its just awesome. love the kinds love the shoots great work. amazing words love it

  • Lynda Jeffers

    Lynda Jeffers (Deleted) gave props (31 Jan 2010):

    A wonderful story Marco...wonderful pictures...definately should be published!!

  • Lori Boggetti

    Lori Boggetti gave props (31 Jan 2010):

    Wonderful story and photos! vtd

  • Thomas Wiederhold

    Thomas Wiederhold said (31 Jan 2010):

    Very Nicely done!!

  • Zerina Phillip

    Zerina Phillip gave props (4 Feb 2010):

    Awesome. Let hear it for the children..............YEAH

  • Vivi Wang

    Vivi Wang said (6 Feb 2010):

    your boy is lovely , i think

  • Karen Menyhart

    Karen Menyhart gave props (10 Mar 2010):

    You are a gifted writer!

  • Deb Exteen

    Deb Exteen (Deleted) gave props (31 Jan 2011):

    You're right about the fence. It adds a certain touch to your photos. Great story!

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