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Dear Nikon

Nikon D-SP 700 by Nikon and my umagination

For years I'm an enthusiastic user of your camera's. Currently I'm a proud owner of a D200 that never lets me down. With great image quality, ergonomics and a vast choice of lenses it's my mean phototaking machine. Since the D200, every new camera seems to be more impressive than the previous one and it pleases me that Nikon is at the top of the game.

There is however one thing I dream of and I'm convinced I'm not the only one: a cracking digital rangefinder camera!

Rangefinder photography is so much fun and there are a lot of examples to inspire. From Henri Cartier Bresson to the last winner of World Press Photo, Anthony Suaua. The only thing is, you seem to have to buy your way into the Leica system and we all know that it's beautiful gear, but it comes with a hefty price.

But wait, didn't Nikon make rangefinder camera's? Yes you did! The most recent endeavour (as far as I know) was the Nikon S3 Black Limited Edition Y2K, produced in the year 2000. Now what if you took this rangefinder and paired it with the awesome sensor from the D700? In my view, it could produce a camera with the following features:

* superb D700 full frame sensor

* superior image quality

* low noise at high ISO's

* fully manual control possible

* AF for thos who need/want it

* big, clear viewfinder

* nice line of new lenses (28, 35, 50, 90), preferably with aperture ring

* backwards compatible with old MF lenses

* no video, live view and other distracting stuff

* wicked design

This camera would be a tool for serious photographers who know what they do or are willing to learn. This would be the camera for all the people that want a Leica but can't afford it. For all the people that want an affordable rangefinder and wicked image quality and the same digital workflow that they are used to from their DSLR. For all people who want a rangefinder and a Nikon.

So dear Nikon, can you pull this off and produce the dream for many serious photographers for a price of about 1.600,-- euro including a wicked 35mm/2 lens? Would be nice, wouldn't it?

Here's a little mockup I put together with my limited Photoshop skills. Just to give an idea. Does anybody have an opinion about this?

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  • Amado Royola

    Amado Royola said (31 Jan 2010):

    Come' on Nikon! forget Canon, Leica is the king of the hill! are you ready to take the challenge?

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