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That night, inside a 3 by 6 metres wide rented house, rural yogyakarta

Thick face powder, lipstick, eye shadow, mini skirt, tanktop, wig, are prepared for along night. Rahmat a.k.a Vita start her night with the routine of putting make up on her face. Smears by smears of face powder padded to her manly face right to end of his making up routine, in front of a big mirror, Vita lighted her cigarette.

"Oh my...what took Ika so long?" Vida commented while waiting for her working partner. Not long after, Ika came and they immedietly go to their usual becak ride.

On the becak, they are heading to their "base camp", the dimm territory of yogyakarta

The vehickles lamps shines to their faces just like the the stage lamps shines to the city artists.

There are so many reasons for why a person can turned into a shemale (transgender) and the most common reason is that they consider for the life that they're experiencing as their unwanting "desease"

Vita, the shemale(transgender) that often stationed in the Tugu train station, Yogyakarta, admitting the start why she became a shemale (transgender)because she was a man that is more interested to his own kind, in another word, a ****. This shemale (transgender) that have Rahmat as his real name, confessing that being a shemale is his way of life.

"Shemale"(transgender) =negative stereotyping "who fucking care" maybe it will always be stuck that way as long as there are shemales that are working like I do that doesn't have any skills, except the skills that "make you feel good", Vita commented. Vita added that this nation have a strange principle, "love hate". Even though they hate prostitution but so many societies actually love the existence. "especially with us shemales, explained Vita with tickling notation while being accompanied by a man that is drifted in her comfort.

The project of"she MALE" is the continuing idealism project fromm the previous documentation photography about shemales (transgender) in the rural area of yogyakarta, working together with lsm YPR that is active with shemales (transgenders). The names of the subjects are not their real names.

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