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Long ago I've been photographing my surroundings. It all started with a Canon EOS3000 that my girlfriend (now wife) gave me. I spent my time shooting everything I could. I felt powerful, like I could freeze any moment I wanted. After freeze precious moments with my Canon, I decided to buy a DSLR Lumix FZ30.

After a while of using the Lumix I realized it did not fulfill my creativity, I used to feel empty due to the fact it was not that fun erase all the photos that I did not liked. It was at this stage that I began looking for new ideas in photography and I found Holga.

I found stunning photographs taken with the Holga plastic lens. I felt uneasy, even to the point I could not sleep for not having one.

It was until August 2008 that came to me directly from China my first Holga 120N. I Could say it was one of the happiest moments of my life to have in my hands the bigger but lighter, rarest but more beautiful, harsh but fragile, very rebellious but submissive camera that I have never known.

Since then, I can say is my favorite camera, It is a fully versatile camera. You can use 120 film (medium format), 35mm, 35mm with sprocket holes, can implement redscale techniques also you can make multiple exposures and to the limit of your imagination.

Holga can be your best friend, She wants you to tell her your darker secrets, She wants you to love her. She will gives you her heart until the point to make you fall in love every time you see every shot.

Use Long exposure (bulb features) or just snap shots from the hips, you will see how incredible she can be. Holga is like a mix of Bette Midler, Megan Fox and Madre Teresa

Actually, I'm not going out without having my Holga 120N in my cameras bag.

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  • Spectre Photo

    Spectre Photo gave props (2 Mar 2010):

    Love this story..I can relate to it..being somewhat burned out with my digital lately..I am just now starting to shoot more with my Holga..we will see what happens. Peace

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