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(Week 1) If I Bare My Soul
(Week 2) In My Haze
(Week 3) Meditation
(Week 4) Groovin
(Week 5) The List
(Week 6) A Very Happy Wednesday to You
(Week 7) Trip
(Week 8) Light
(Week 9) Loss
(Week 10) riding a bicycle...
(week 11) When You Become Invisible, Do You Still Have a Shadow?

I wondered today what it would be like to know that you only had one year to live. I would like to stop floating through my life and start living it.

I have decided to try to post one polaroid a week for a full year, from this birthday until my next birthday.

These 52 photos will be a diary of my life this year, I hope that there will be change, adventure and joy. Each picture will be meaningful to me. It will document either an event in my life, or just what has been in my head or heart that week. Hopefully you will like some of them.

Let's see what happens.

19 responses

  • Catherine Hadler

    Catherine Hadler gave props (9 Mar 2010):

    looking forward to seeing the results. I like your thinking

  • Michele Randell

    Michele Randell gave props (9 Mar 2010):

    I think one a week is much more viable than one a day which I admit I am finding hard to do... I like the concept of each week being meaningful and if you did have only one year to live what would be of most importance in that period of internal focus...I too look forward to what images come from your process of living in the moment

  • Spectre Photo

    Spectre Photo gave props (10 Mar 2010):

    That's wonderful! Good luck with it, looking forward to seeing your latest! :)

  • Penny Nannini

    Penny Nannini   said (17 Mar 2010):

    thanks all.

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster gave props (17 Mar 2010):

    What an inspiring concept. I look forward to your journey....! :)

  • Robin Smith

    Robin Smith said (25 Mar 2010):

    This is such an amazing idea, Penny. I know I certainly turn around and say where did my day....days....week....year...go? I think most of us are so tied up with all the little parts of life that we really forget to actually live!! I know this will be a mind blowing and thought provoking already have me thinking! ;)

  • Penny Nannini

    Penny Nannini   said (25 Mar 2010):

    thank you all!

  • Ariele Baragona

    Ariele Baragona gave props (30 Mar 2010):


  • Joy B

    Joy B gave props (31 Mar 2010):

    Fabulous idea!

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (3 Apr 2010):

    God, I wish I could vote for this.

  • P. Michael Bodigor

    P. Michael Bodigor gave props (24 Apr 2010):

    I think you have a great idea there and that in 52 weeks you will be proud and happy with the results.

  • Nick Blair

    Nick Blair said (26 Apr 2010):

    What a great idea. We've all gotta learn, love and live everyday.

  • Trevor Knapp

    Trevor Knapp gave props (3 Jun 2010):

    awesome concept.

  • Kathleen Mercado

    Kathleen Mercado (Deleted) said (21 Jul 2010):

    Love this idea, Penny.

  • conchita. del. mundo.

    conchita. del. mundo. gave props (21 Jul 2010):

    penny i'm so impressed with how beautifully your project is going. every shot has a story, a lovely piece of penny.

  • dp *

    dp * gave props (22 Jul 2010):

    sweet project and a lovely set of photos to accompany

  • Maria Mutch

    Maria Mutch (Deleted) gave props (26 Jul 2010):

    Wonderful project--just gorgeous and evocative.

  • Deborah Downes

    Deborah Downes gave props (17 Nov 2010):

    Sure wish I could vote for this, too. Every photo reveals somethin touching and intimate about you.

  • Jean Vaillancourt

    Jean Vaillancourt gave props (10 Jan 2011):

    Lovely idea Penny :-)

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