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Wedding Photography - 10 Tips

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A wedding as we all know is simply the most memorable moment of our life. Its important to capture the most intricate emotions during a wedding. Here is a list of 11 tips that could make your wedding shoot a sure shot success.

1. Know you Location: Its important to know where you shoot and how much space you have.This would help you understand what kind of lighting you could expect and what gear you would need when you shoot.

2. Breaking the Ice: Meet the couple before you shoot the wedding so you understand what expectations they have of you and to understand their taste of photography so you can shoot pictures that they would really like. Its not important for you to stick to their style but you need to know what they would expect from you work.

3. Use two cameras: There are two reasons behind this. One- You cannot have them couple get married again because your camera went kaput during the wedding. The second reason, more relevant is that you need to get some great wide angle and close up shots of similar moments.You cannot change lenses every time you need a different shot. Borrowing a friend/assistants camera is not a bad deal.

4. Shoot the groom and bride as much as possible. Its very easy to get carried away by people in the audience that may be prettier than the two most important people at the wedding, but don't get carried away.

5. Carry your chargers and an extra set of batteries and memory. You never know when you might be out of power or memory. That's no reason to miss some great shots.

6. Shoot 75% Candid and 25% posed shots - This seems to be the right balance and the winning combination in most wedding I have shot. Too many of either is bad too.

7. Capture subtle moments with humor: It might not be a good idea to do this all the time but if your clients know how to take it in the right spirit, capture a few shots of Aunt Beena or Uncle Wangdey yawning. Definitely looks funny.

8. Couple shots: Request the couple to look into each others' eyes. This seems to be a very effective method to get them to pose naturally rather than a few mugshots which might get them conscious.

9. Display pictures at the reception: This is a great way to get appreciated for what work you did during the wedding and to make the right kind of friends who'll give you business soon.Its an effective way to market yourself.

10. Burst mode: Some shots like the exchange of the rings and garlands need to be shot in burst mode so you don't end up with pics where eyes are closed in succession.

Enjoy your shoot ! Eat light ! Move around enough to get some great angles !

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3 responses

  • Daniel Mueller

    Daniel Mueller said (17 Mar 2010):

    Great advice...I have gotten to do many impromtu weddings but never as a job yet. I will do one here in China in June, so I am excited!! Thank you.

  • Revati Puranik

    Revati Puranik gave props (6 Aug 2012):

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Cj Anderson

    Cj Anderson said (22 Sep 2015):

    Love tip 6. Most of us have a natural strength or interest in either posed or candid shots, but it's important to put thought and effort into both types of shots.

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