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Rainstorm Aftermath

Rainstorm Aftermath
Mother Nature
La Tua Cantante

The rainstorm that hit Connecticut in March 2010 was unexpected, to say the least. In the town I reside, 2/3 of the population lost power. No matter how wealthy the resident, the house remained at risk.

Of course, this mischievous photographer awaits natural adventures, and has been hoping for a chance to embark on a series of lightning photographs. However, the police left numerous messages warning us all to stay inside, and that's a safety measure I obeyed. One message in particular provided information on where to go if shelter was needed. Imagining the desperate housewives of Stepford in a shelter for themselves, without publicity of volunteer work, does not compute. I watched as residents were interviewed in their mansions about the devastating affects of the storm.

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes, the most beautiful of nature's moments are not the anticipation, or the destructive climax. It's the aftermath. For once, it was not humanity in control, and that alone, is the most telling reflection of life.

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