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things found in a shipyard/basic marine, escanaba, michigan

things found in a shipyard/goldilocks and the three ladders
things found in a shipyard/my grip is surely slipping
things found in a shipyard/employee owned
things found in a shipyard/i hate cooking
things found in a shipyard/in case of emergency love me
things found in a shipyard/sometimes i get so tired
things found in a shipyard/you don't know me at all
things found in a shipyard/there are two sides to you/i love them both
things found in a shipyard/your score as my lover
things found in a shipyard/a prayer for erika
things found in a shipyard/however unlikely they grew

on our road trip (the long way to my parents' place), we ended up in the upper peninsula, which we've come to love. driving around escanaba, we found a shipyard with a few wonderful old boats visible from the outside and the suggestion of many more treasures within. being somewhat of a scavenger photographer, i was disappointed to see strong, tall fencing complete with barbed wire completely circling everything i wanted to shoot. we found a sign on the fence that said, "Basic Marine," and, i resolved to find the office of Basic Marine in the morning and ask permission to shoot.

the next morning, mig and i arrived bright and early, and drove around the massive place until we found what appeared to be the office. i designated myself the emissary and went in. i spoke first to a receptionist and then to a worker, both of whom told me they couldn't let me in the shipyard, only "Daniel" could, and that he was in a meeting and i'd have to wait. neither of them looked optimistic about my prospects, but i was determined, so i waited.

while i was waiting, i looked at the many pictures and other framed memorabilia in the lobby area. it was clear that many important boats had come through Basic Marine. there was a letter on the wall addressed to "Daniel Kobasic, President, Basic Marine," thus, i figured out who i was waiting for.

eventually, a man came out, who seemed both jovial and suspicious. i told him straight up i was a photographer, and, i was desperate to shoot pictures in the shipyard. he was a funny, direct, and interesting man, and he interrogated me thoroughly. i think perhaps people try to get into the shipyard for the wrong reasons, and i also think he was having a bit of fun trying to scare me. i answered him honestly about everything. he asked what was in it for him, and, i promised him some prints. i introduced mig by his americanized name, although looking back, i don't think i needed to. eventually, he laughed and said we could come in!

he drove us around on a little truck and showed us everything first, including the boats named after his daughter and his grandchildren, and a barge they were building. after the tour, he said we were free to walk around all we wanted, but if we got hurt somehow he'd dispose of our bodies and our car. i advised him to rescue my mother's bread from the car first, and off we went.

it was chilly and i'm certain there were many wonderful things we didn't capture properly, because we were overwhelmed by the opportunity. nevertheless, we wandered about for a couple of hours and explored everything we safely could. when we left, i said goodbye to daniel, and had his receptionist take my picture with him. he said we could come back anytime, and, reminded me to go to church and be nice to my kids. he was a wonderful man and we had a great time--the opportunity of a lifetime, it seemed--to shoot in the shipyard. i hope you like the images.

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