Photo Essay

Faded Glory

Sentry of Lost Souls

All across the countryside, you see them. Their paint is faded and peeling, their structure no longer solid. They are the homes that once held families and contained laughter and memories. These vestiges of the past stand vacant and hollow, their windows staring out into nothingness. Some of these homes are boarded up and locked tight, while others gape open as if taken by surprise at the residents' departure.

This is a tribute to the beauty and glory of the old homes that now stand vacant and forgotten, those structures that barely stand against the elements and remind us of those who have gone before us. Along a country road, tucked away far from view or alongside a busy thoroughfare, these homes are now empty and cold.

When you pass one and look up into its window, do you imagine you see a figure standing there? Is that someone beckoning you to come inside or just a figment of a vivid imagination?

If you enter, you can almost hear the faint whisper of past residents. Can you hear them calling out a hearty "good night"? Do you hear the cry of a baby or the lonely sobs of a bereaved mother?

Was that cool touch on your arm the breeze from the broken window or was it someone reaching out to you from beyond?

Next time you drive by one of these homes, imagine the people that once lived there. Imagine their lives and what could have carried them away. Imagine how the house once looked in its glory days and pay homage to its faded glory.

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  • Dorothy Menosky

    Dorothy Menosky gave props (1 May 2010):

    Great series of photos. My vote.

  • Kris C

    Kris C gave props (18 Jun 2010):

    Great story and photos!!

  • William Garvey

    William Garvey said (27 Nov 2012):

    Nice story and wonderful photos. I wonder too.

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