Life is a Journey

Interview with Rosid, a common people who always continue to sustain his life.
Life is a Journey

Bang Rosid (Brother Rosid), this middle-aged man called. This man has hung his fate on the streets for about 30 years. It was begun when he was 17 years old when he first urbanized from his village in Tegal to Jakarta.

At first, Rosid was hung his hopes as high as 7th heaven when he was arrived in Jakarta 30 years ago. He wanted to be a successful businessman and can help his family in the village. But fate willed strokes another reality. Several times he has hit by hard life of Jakarta. Once upon a time, Rosyid had felt the pain of beatings on the street thugs, tired chased local Jakarta's Kamtibmas officers, and some other bad things.

But it did not made young Rosid afraid of Jakarta hard life. He kept tried and never stop tried to at least be nice coupled with the hard life in Jakarta. Hard and difficult life in Jakarta had not made him look for "shortcuts" to make a beter living. He was sure; God will give the best for the people who always do worship. Although Rosid life very difficult, but he believes that God still keep him.

To make a better living, he often sells things. It was started from selling fruit, vegetables, chicken noodle, and others. And since around 9 years ago, he was finally dropped the love of the selling to Ketoprak. Ketoprak is a traditional dish in Indonesian cuisine, and is comprised of "ketupat" (rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves), thin rice noodles, tofu, crackers, and served with peanut and soy sauce dressing. Everyday, he always around or hung around the area to search and wait for customers.

This middle-aged man who has had 2 grandchildren loved to be an entrepreneur. He never did work on someone else as an employee or similar. He said; if be an employee, it wills so many rules to be obtained, not according to the will of his own creation. He insists, though his favorite is selling, he never sells prohibited goods such as drugs or other.

Again and again, Rosid asserts that God always provides the best for who always do worship. Although we suffered endless hardships, it was a sign that God chose us to keep closer to Him. Life is a journey; we must find a way to enjoy it.

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