Photo Essay

How to capture a city that never sleeps...

Walk of babel...Holga.

There is a certain pulse that compels most NYers to drive in a fast hyper-vigilant paced gear. There is no time to request a stand still so as to demand this city to follow suit, while you fancy to take its photo.

With limited amounts of personal space--a scorn of disapproval just might mount their brows, were you to invade their cherished privacy.

The list of inspiring paintings one can see, is endless...

Often times--a perfect shot is lost due to pursed lenses, hesitant assertiveness or reacting way to slow for a city living too urgently.

So, how is it one can capture their muse?

Don't ask it to slow down--follow the speed--be prepared to layer second upon second within a single frame.

Or look for a portrait reflected in willing surfaces, where in a glimpse of the inner person --may just reveal itself.

With my light weight apparatus, my holga, I have been able to utilizes my high strung quest to take it all in --while still remaining detached from the all consuming energy, so as to breathe.

In seeking distance from the crowds--I lose myself in glassy corridors and find comfort in strangers visiting the frame of my lens, silently.and.unassuming.

In random spots of film and pixel--I have been afforded a means to override the tourist impressions of my hometown, three generations blood born, so I can lay claim to what happens when dreams are in constant motion.

Too--I have paid the price of the fool, in positioning myself in contorted stances --to get the angle just right.

The photos presented here are a few of my impressionistic visions.

It is not a complete list:

It may seem random..but its constant....just as my hometowns heartbeat.

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