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Turning Points...

resisting the lullabye of the corridor

A very interesting theme: A turning point in ones life.

When a person is close to half a century in their lives--there are several pivotal points..

Moments that tailgate your fast forward.

Moments that decide for you---what your life outcome will be.

When we are young--we assume a measure of invincibility...we can play Russian roulette and that there bullet is sure to miss us.

We move forward---wiser and hope the decisions we make in haste--will not follow through with repercussions; never mind, life altering realities.

Yes...when we are young.

Having faced up to various forms of loss in my life--I discovered photography as a means of releasing what words failed to comfort bring in closure.

Its this series ---that afforded me a constant companion in projecting my inner world--and finding a platform of more gentler loft.


The photos taken through a window reflection were accidental discoveries while coming home from shopping.

Holding my groceries bags and coffee in toll--I caught sight of my reflection.

Taking the risk of spoiling food and cold coffee--

I immediately began to contort by body, so as to use these reflections as a form of use photography as the brush on my canvas,,,,discovering it as a medium for my heART.

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  • elena fava emerson

    elena fava emerson said (9 Jul 2010):

    I have to say... it has its interesting side and eye...

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