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If you own a flatbed scanner well once you will think different about it next time you see one, in the photography world the camera is the primary element to capture what you see trough your lens and you have a lot of accessories to complement as a computer, physical storage, printers, flatbed scanners, etc. Now with some imagination your flatbed scanner will be more than a tool to digitalize flat documents, photos, film. A not very known use of the scanner is to scan 3d objects, as an apple, cigar, a bug, just need to use your imagination to digitalize your imagination.

Here are some objects that I scan; you may think that I use a camera but I only use my flatbed scanner. The advantages of this technique are:

1. You will get a great exposure of the object

2. You can do macro photography using your scanner

3. You can scan all what your imagination tells you.

A few tips to get some cool photos using this alternative tool are:

1. Clean the glass of the scanner any dust will be shown and you will get more time removing it in Photoshop.

2. You can remove the cover of your scanner and turn the lights off so you can get a black background.

3. You can use any kind of texture above the object you want to scan to get a different black ground.

4. Macro photos, no problem just do a zoom and scan that photo.

5. You can use the cover of your scanner to get a white background.

6 You will have photo with a lot of mpx as your scanner allows you, play with your scanner settings.

g. Scan scan scan and experiment with any kind of objects.

I hope that you wish try this and I guarantee that you will see your flatbed scanner in a different way now. Happy Scanning!!

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