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I could have sworn my filter setting was on.

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I've been getting caught up with what's been going on at JPG as I've gotten behind because of real life. I've notice of late a bunch more full nudity of late, spotlighted none the less, since I don't go looking for it. lol

It took me a bit to realize my safe filter option was no longer on. When it was first introduced it was automatic (I do remember seeing the white cover over the photos) unless you turned it off so I didn't think any more about it. I was beginning to think no one was filtering their naked pictures and I reported them. Once I realized that my filter setting was no longer on I fixed it and now I usually only see boobs.

Long story short, you might want to make sure you turn on the filter. I can be a little slow sometimes, especially if I happened to miss the announcement that we need to opt in on having the filter on and it was no longer automatically on.

Now I'm not so afraid to go on the site at work. =)

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  • ! Mario Scattoloni ¡

    ! Mario Scattoloni ¡ said (19 May 2010):

    More.. Safer for Work

    Posted by Devin Hayes — 17 May 2010

    Ok, Serious face. First, some additions/fixes, second my immediate "to do" list and third is our statement answering requests for our position on nudity, etc.


    If your filter is enabled, you will no longer see filtered photos in the main photo streams. If you do, you should report it using the tools provided on every photo and story page.

    Spotlight: Filtered photos will not show up to those with the filter enabled.

    Full display: If the photo is filtered, you must disable your filter to view it.

    If you find a bug in the system, please contact support so we can repair the issue. Please also note that some photos were uploaded well before the filter was available and consequently may not have a designation. Again, if you see something that you think should be filtered, please report it using the tools available on photo and story pages.

    Coming up:

    I'll be adding the ability to enable and disable your filters directly from the photo page. This will help people to better determine whether an item is filtered or not and whether their preference is properly set.

    Artistic Expression:

    The decision to lift the ban on frontal nudity (and borders, moderate amounts of photoshop, diptychs, etc) was intended to remove limitations imposed on art; creative freedom, creative exploration and creative expressions that potentially challenge social, cultural and moral norms. We could not allow full nudity without having a system in place to allow users to control their browsing experience. It became apparent that the system was limited in its effectiveness. The system has been improved and will continue to be improved to allow photographers the ability express their creative freedoms while allowing others to control whether or not they are exposed to certain types of expression.

    In order to build and maintain artistic credibility, it’s our duty to ensure artistic censorship is not imposed and we will not be influenced to do otherwise. If you object to nudity (or anything else, for that matter), exercise your right and your capability to not view it. We are committed to doing our best to provide the tools to allow you to enjoy the site. We appreciate feedback on how we’re doing in that regard.

    Most major photo sharing sites have the same functionality built in; the ability to restrict your viewing preferences to a work safe or family safe mode. If you disable your filter and disapprove of what's on the other side, the only recommendation we have for you is to turn your filter back on. If an image that you object to is not properly filtered, flag the photo or story with the tools provided at the bottom right of the respective page and we’ll review it and, if appropriate, turn it on.

    For those of you who are interested in other examples of controversial photography, I might suggest that you research photographers such as: Joel-Peter Witkin, Helmut Newton, Bruce LaBruce, Jock Sturges, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andres Serranos and Sally Mann. Painters such as Francisco Goya and sculpturers such as Damien Hirst. What you are going to see, you may not like. You may hate it. It may make you angry. But it is, without any doubt, Art.

    You'll also notice, their photos are still viewable under the most strict search mode available in Google images. Why? Because it's widely accepted to be Art and not "porn".

    Recommended reading: "But is it art?" By Cynthia Freeland

    Our photo guidelines have also been updated for clarity. The guidelines have not changed since Oct. 2009 when we removed the ban on frontal nudity and shortly after made the "Safe Filter" functionality available. The addition and enhancements to the filtering system simply allows greater amounts of creative exploration while allowing people the option to control whether or not they see it. FYI We removed the word "porn" as: A) It's more difficult to define accurately and is too often misused to characterize subjectively objectionable nudity. B) Porn is not the only type of content that can be considered "Questionable" and/or "Not Safe for Work". Therefore, "porn" is not an accurate reflection of the sum of content affected. Surely, interpretations will fit the motive, but the fact is, the filter became "larger", more encompassing. What may not have been considered "unsafe" previously, may fall under the determination of "Unsafe for Work".

    Edited: 5/8 3:02am PST elaborate explanation of the guidelines updates.

  • Cindy Coubrough

    Cindy Coubrough said (19 May 2010):

    Hi Mario, I read that yesterday and was pleased they made that change. They also made it so the default of the safe filter is 'on' now and you have to turn it off if you want to opt out of the filter so no complaining if you are seeing stuff you wouldn't if you had the filter on. I'm glad I got my filter sorted and can visit the site at work now, nothing like having the boss look over your shoulder and see full frontal nudity. lol He's pretty understanding, but there are limits. =)

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