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Wedding Day.

wedding day.

Just mere months ago, I remember my jaw dropping at the site of two of my friends sneaking kisses and cuddling during a night out in Seoul with a group friends. Really? Eunju, one of my closest Korean friends, and Hubert, her French flatmate, were "together" now? My friends and I wondered if it might be an awkward situation for them the following day, as if they would pretend it never happened, or if a relationship was really in the works.

As it goes, not only was a relationship in the works, but a marriage. Though only months had passed since the two had made it official, there was no doubt in my mind that they were both ecstatically happy.

The wedding was held in a traditional folk village in the center of Seoul, with a backdrop of Namsan and the famous North Seoul Tower. It was a mixing of cultures, and just like Korea, a mixing of old and new with the beautiful folk houses before us, and the ever-modern Seoul Tower behind us.

Though the traditional clothing, Hanbok, was stunning with its bold colors, and the "wedding hall" beautiful, the most memorable part of this wedding was the genuine joy shared between the bride and the groom. I will never forget the glances made towards one another, and the smiles and laughter cracked between the two, as they quietly drank their tea and so ceremoniously bowed.

Though it was a surprise to us all when Eunju and Hubert announced their marriage just weeks before, none of us doubted that it would be a a beautiful wedding, and more importantly, a beautiful marriage between two cultures, between two friends.

Congratulations Eunju and Hubert. May you always be so joyously in love.

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