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Simona Ranieri by Simona Ranieri
The Colors of Music
for you..
you go..
little man
nose around
playing at night time...
Playing on the floor
in my dream
the two faces

The humans beings story may started ages ago, just from two people of different gender sex, that made a child how become a man and made others children aswell.

So if we just have a look to the statistics we are able to observe the growing up of our species.

(As of 26 May 2010, the human population of the world is estimated by the United States Census Bureau to be 6,823,200,000.[1] The United Nations estimated the Earth's human population to be 6,800,000,000 in 2009.[2] The world population has been growing continuously since the end of the Black Death around 1400.[3]

The fastest rates of world population growth (increases above 1.8% per year) were seen briefly during the 1950s then for a longer period during the 1960s and 1970s (see graph). The 2008 rate of growth has almost halved since its peak of 2.2% per year, which was reached in 1963.

Annual births have levelled at about 134 million per year since their peak at 163 million in the late 1990s and are expected to remain constant. However, deaths are only around 57 million per year, and are expected to increase to 90 million by 2050. Because births outnumber deaths, the world's population is expected to reach 9 billion between 2040 [4][5] and 2050[2].

The rapid increase in human population over the course of the 20th century has raised concerns about whether Earth is experiencing overpopulation. The scientific consensus is that the current population expansion and accompanying increase in usage of resources are linked to threats to the ecosystem,[6] such as rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, global warming, and pollution.)

Children needs to be respect and guard and sadly many of tham are victimof abuse and ill-treatment.

All of us been a child and we know that somenthing wrong in that age can be for certainly a cause of some complaints when we are grow.

A good education of tham can make the future world better.

Study and care of tham is onus that we mast abide by.

Children are aslo synonymous of happiness, love and purity.

So make tham sad, alone or mischievous it's something unforgivable and right to be punished.

I would like to share with you some children poems:

Children are amazing

"Laughter echo through the skies,

- children are amazing

So young and so innocent

- children are amazing

Care free yet compassionate and kind

- children are amazing

From birth to walking and finally speaking ''Dada''

- children are amazing

Enthusiastic at day, pristine at night

- children are amazing

Naive and curious, motivated to learn

- children are amazing

Heaven sent, God's little miracles

- children are amazing

Working young, carrying sacks heavier than them

- children are amazing

Selfless, working for their families

- children are amazing

Naked in the streets, asking for money to eat

- children are amazing

Dreams to nightmares, hearts strengthened in mud

- children are amazing

Staying resilient through adversity and poverty,

That is truly AMAZING! "

Aisha Patterson


What children know (understand)

"Children know laughter

They know tears

Children know peace

They know chaos

Children know acceptance

They know rejection

Children know joy

They know pain

Children know abundance

They know lack

Children know health

They know illness

Children know fulfillment

They know emptiness

Children know hope

They know dismay

Children know love

They know hatred

What they don't know is WHY! "

Namie Elisha


Give Love To The Children

"Give Love to the children Children need love everyday

Give love to the children Guide them on their way

Love's like a burning flame consumes all that stands in the way

Love is the only power on earth to take all the hatred away

GIVE LOVE TO THE CHILDREN set the children free

To make their own decisions then they will clearly see

Love is the sun the moon and the stars love is a golden ring

Love is the one thing the whole world desires be it beggar or king

GIVE LOVE TO THE CHILDREN youth has not long to stay

Love is a long term investment the best you will find any day

Love like the rising sun takes all the darkness away

Our children will tell their children and their childrens children will say

Give love to the children they are our crock of gold

and if perchance they ever stray they will come back to the fold

Give love to the children the children of today

Give love to the children and love will come to stay. "

Elizabeth Quinn



" The child abuse has been the war of the children

It is going on for too long in a world like this

The children is the victim of it

It is the children who suffers more each day

Stop the child abuse now

We want to put an end to this war

Make the public aware that this exists

Love the children with all your heart

Make the children feel worth

Make them feel special

Show them respect and let them respect you

Because respect and love is a two way thing

Respect the children wishes

Make this world a safe place for our children

Teach them to listened

Let them feel welcome in this world

Let the children live there lives

When you abuse the children

You break there hearts, you are destroying there dreams

And the respect they have for you is lost

What do you get when you abuse the children?

You get no satisfaction

The children have lost there sense of worth

They don't feel special anymore

And they don't feel safe anymore

The children know whom they can trust and whom they can't

Help the children to grow in a safe environment

Feel there hearts with laughter and take there sadness away

Give them the support they need each day as they live there lives"

Aldo Kraas


We got a special gift from the sky when we can enjoy to being parents!

People how doesnt respect tham doesnt deserve to be in this world!!

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