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I don't quite get it

My favourite Christmas Cookie :-P

A few people have left JPG because of the photo's they find offensive here and have gone over to or are planning to. I went there to check it out and noticed right away that a Safe Filter is required, so one would think there are pictures on that site that require them. So I checked, I turned off the filter, without an account (which you can't do on JPG) and searched nude. Over 33,000 photos appeared in that search and there were quite a few full frontal nudity, bondage nudity, sexulized nudity and even clay impressions of lady bits.

Can someone explain to me what the difference is? How come it's okay over there at Redbubble and not here? Now that the filter is sorted out, yes I admit there were some issues with it, but JPG has tried their best to address them, in my personal experience with them.

Is nudity, etc. okay there because one doesn't have the sense of entitlement that we all have here? We worked hard and campaigned to save JPG and we did it. So do we feel we have a personal stake in the site and they should do what we ask them to?

I just don't get it, and I miss the friends who have left. =(

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  • Michele Randell

    Michele Randell said (28 May 2010):

    Cindy having been a member of Red Bubble on and off for 4 years all I can say is Red Bubble is perhaps more liberal and accepting of nudity but the difference is the work on Red Bubble is predominantly for sale whereas on JPG it is not..JPG is considered a far more serious venue for the development of photography whereas Red Bubble is perhaps due to the popularity of works of nudes that sell more accepting of those images as their business is based purely upon selling.

  • Devin Hayes

    Devin Hayes said (28 May 2010):

    Great points raised Cindy. @comment above: Is it really the commercial aspect of nudity that make it okay? That would seem an even larger moral contradiction.

    To me, at the end of the day, it's the human body. We all have "naughty" bits. Who decided they were "naughty" is an entirely different topic, but if you remove everything you've been told, remove all judgement, it's just a part of the human body. Guilt, embarrassment and anger assigned to an image is a product of culture and environment. Some would call it "shame".

    We understood people would leave and understand that when emotions run high, reason is sparse while the need to solidify, though whatever means, around a "villain" become priority. We also understand that in order for someone to understand, they need to be receptive to alternative viewpoints. For sake of example: I know Blue is Blue, you can't tell me it's Red. But if I'm not entirely sure if Blue is truly Blue or at least curious whether Blue is truly Blue, I would be far more apt to listen and understand opposing point of views. Never mind how other influences (admiration, trust, likemindedness) play into similar equations.

    Point being; you can actually gauge the amount of willingness to understand or pre-existing understanding by each persons participation. Asking questions is extremely important, no matter what the topic. I'm often quoted as saying, "It's our duty as intelligent beings."

    Anyway.. Your cookie looks yummy :) Ginger Snap?

  • William Tracy

    William Tracy said (29 May 2010):

    JPG had a Mapplethorpe moment. Some folks can't get over it!!

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