Photo Essay

0 Km arround Malioboro street Jogjakarta

urban shopping

Yogyakarta is a city known for cultural plurality which is located in Central Java - Indonesia, and people from other cities in the country come to learn in this city. Living with the traditional culture of the city of Yogyakarta Sheraton familiar with the art and tradition for centuries.

Everyone seemed relaxed morning with their activities and jobs. Just more busy and traffic on the roads or markets to sell or buy something.

A unique custom in this city since 1993, I moved here and when I took this picture in 2010 did not change much with anything. I still see it all the same when I moved to Bali in 2000. This place is my favorite location to take pictures until now because I can enjoy walking around town and remember what happened in 1993 when I first learned photography.

Many traditional urban transport to go to any place on the cheap. People from villages come here and sell them something. So many old buildings with people who are busy, transportation, or something to sell the photos on this road

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