Photo Essay

Reports from the big blue...

feets up in the air.

I don't like Florida. Yes...its true. Not the natural wonders of this region--but the development and system by which it stands.

I love the birds, the sky and yes...the sea.

Having ventured to my south as a temporary gig.--to help my parents out--yeah yeah yeah typical NY--Seinfeld 101,

anything temporary is easy to endure.

I reasoned I can deal with the overbearing heat and retirement issues, even of myself; by appreciating the natural wonders of this landscape. I imagined discovering flora and fauna I'd never happen upon in the greater NY district.

I imagined learning about the indigenous tribes of this area.

I had indeed a romanticized impression of appreciating what had only been a 'Disneyland' or is it World -trap.

Of overlooking the greedy interest and investments of -yes--the northerners. (I exclude myself because my parents moved here due to the gentrification in our neighborhood--but that is another story.)

Yes--I hate what man has done to this southern region.

Overdeveloping greed and malls that stripped the bounty of this land--emphasizes a scriptural reference that 'man is dominating man to his own injury.'

Too--I take comfort to know that 'those who are ruining the earth.' are being paid attention to .

We are caretakers to this planet.

When we die--it opens its arms to bed us soft.

We are one with the earth...and no matter how much of its resources we greedily consume without thought to the future--it will replenish itself.

But in the can only wonder --what the depleting of the earths natural lubricant will do.

With an uninviting dig into its heart with piercing claws full of greedy insatiable desire.

It no wonder when a nerve is pricked--the pain erupts --is it surprising --its tears bleed endless.

Oily reminders that --the earth is indeed a marvelous system of survival--of and unto itself.

We may feed our cars and whatever else with its resources--and we ourselves will pay the price when the dry core of this planet hollers out in pain...

When the earths plates...rub side to side--

like worn out brakes------

Can you hear the screeching?---

There is an oil leak....

the pads are becoming worn out....

man--is dominating man to his own injury--

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