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Anne Elizabeth /// Nuevas Fronteras SI /// First Grade Teacher

These shots were taken on location at Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion where I teach 3rd grade. This elementary school is located in Cottage Grove near St. Paul, Minnesota. The photographs were taken following the guidelines of FACITY. For a little more information about FACITY, see the photo essay FACITY I previously submitted to JPG. However, do please visit the website to gain a better perspective of this global effort.

It was important for me to take these shots on location. For one, the light coming into my classroom in the afternoon is neutral and diffused; there are two sets of big windows. Most importantly, though, I thought it would be more meaningful to take the photographs on location in order to tie the people to the place where they work.

The school feels like a second home for most of us who work there. We have established and maintained a solid community with our students and their families, and within ourselves. We have created a culture that allows us to share with each other more about ourselves, making stronger connections.

This type of portrait is very intimate. Both the subject and the photographer place their trust in each other: a sacred space held together by this common understanding.

This is why it was important for me to shoot on location: to show the intimacy shared.

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  • Jon Gorr

    Jon Gorr said (28 Jun 2010):

    I'm curious..the color balance is so right on much processing was done for CB? and what were your basic settings i.e fstop/shutterspeed.I love the series.

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