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Reasons to love photography

old wood
the rice stall
back focus 1
have only one rear leg
shoe repair
scooter legend
From the top
back lamp
a quiet pool
yellow on blue

Let me start .... when people were actually a lot of busy activity ...., also something that happens around those. Many of the beauty that we pass without a moment we realize that, and just missed that moment. reasons that made me interested in photography.

Just as we breathe, without the need to regulate us have to breathe on its own. So also with us and the camera. composition that looks good only when we are holding the camera at the top of the building, we would certainly capture the beauty that we see a spontaneous .... What do we see the inspiration for us. As if we want what we see we can capture. That instinct of a photographer.

But there are also some that we deliberately set, so that we get something we want. Just as we now work. All we are set in such a way that produces good jobs.

Here I will try to tell me about what I see everyday. Whether good or not, that's up to you to judge. Essentially I am trying to show the moment, which I consider what I see, in my opinion good. Because the moment will never be repeated exactly the same. Had we tried to repeat it certainly is different. So I try to freeze the moment-good moments through photographs so as not to miss for granted. Hopefully the pictures that I made this could be a "freezing moments" that was good and could be useful for us all.

thank you want to view and respond to my photos.

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