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The Table Persona

The Table Persona #3

I found myself in an unknown place, at a table with an old man with a long beard and a story without beginning or end. A story about people, a story about characters and masks.

I didn't knew where I was so I asked the old man where I am and who are the people around. He poured a glass, lit a cigarette and began to explain the story to me, telling about an event that occurred so long ago, the notion of time and space were not even in the design phase.

Of boredom and loneliness he thought to do something to kill some (non-existent) time. He did't knew exactly what he wanted to do but started by creating space, time and word. Soon he realized that there was not much use for these things. The space was huge and empty, TIme was not perceived by anyone and the word was completely useless. Consequently, trying to make a use of these things filled all the empty space with bright and colored balls.

The empty space problem solved, he decided to create beings would feel the passing of time and to use that "word" in some way.

He chose a ball which he considered special and started to populate it.

Doing an exhausting work, he begun to create a lot of creatures, including a clay figurine that was to become the first human. This first human was, more or less, a faithfully copy of himself, inheriting the creators creativity but also his loneliness.

Almost all newly created beings did not found any reason to use the "word" and decided not to complicate their existence with it. The only creature who discovered it's potential was the human, but he could not speak to anyone.

The creator, seeing the problem, solved it by making a second human, specially designed to interact with first.

Thus, considering that he found a use for all things initially created, decided it was time to get a good sleep.

Feeling that my question was not yet answered, I asked him to continue the story.

He pulled a smoke from his cigarette and told me, that after a good sleep, woke up and looked at his creation. He saw that the people did not really found their place in this world and were not reconciled to the idea that they where just a copy of the one who created them. Each felt the need to be unique, as was the creator.

He decided not to intervene and let the people deal with their problems.

Using the inherited creativity, humans became increasingly different and colorful. The word also became increasingly long and complex and the way the interaction between people take place, has changed. Each one began to develop a "mask" that was shown to the other humans. A "mask" meant to impress and show who's the person behind it. A mask to be different. A mask to be unique.

The old man finished his story and I watched him looking around.

I asked him what were his thoughts about the evolution of his creation and what are his future plans about it. He finished his drink, rose from the table and, with a smile, said "It's your world now. I just enjoy the show"

I left but not before taking some time to photograph the people around me, so I can show you what I saw ...

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13 responses

  • Camil Seisanu

    Camil Seisanu gave props (15 Jul 2010):

    incredible idea of a story... the shots are perfectly composed ! well done, my friend :)

  • Camil Seisanu

    Camil Seisanu said (15 Jul 2010):

    i also love the story... it makes you meditate, extremely deep.

  • Stefan Andronache

    Stefan Andronache said (15 Jul 2010):

    Thank you very much

  • Catherine Hadler

    Catherine Hadler gave props (15 Jul 2010):

    fantastic collection

  • Sheryl Estrada

    Sheryl Estrada gave props (15 Jul 2010):

    Well done.

  • Stefan Andronache

    Stefan Andronache said (22 Jul 2010):

    Thank you

  • Ciprian Irimies

    Ciprian Irimies said (22 Jul 2010):

    A great story and very beautiful pictures ! It's been a while since i've seen a great work. I love the colors and the atitudes. A subliminal message put in artistic form ... Nicely done, congratulations Stefan !

  • Stefan Andronache

    Stefan Andronache said (23 Jul 2010):

    Thank you

  • Stefan Andronache

    Stefan Andronache said (25 Jul 2010):

    Thank you

  • Richard Hawkins

    Richard Hawkins said (3 Feb 2013):

    wonderful story great photography

  • Michele Wambaugh

    Michele Wambaugh (Deleted) said (5 Feb 2013):

    Very cool story & images!

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (23 May 2016):

    Spectacular the narration.. my vote

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