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The Midnight Rangers

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Are you a person who can't sleep in the night?

Are you a nightwatcher?

Are you a nightstalker?

a clubber?

an insomniac?

a streetpunks?

whoever you are, you need something, someone to take care on you in the night when all 'the normals' sleep. So, say thanks for all those people who work to serve anything you need till the dawn. Some of them working 24 hours, some started when the moon show its face, some are open their 'shop' at 00:00:00.

I'm doing this photo series as a tribute to these hard working peoples who want to serve us all night long. When i can't sleep in the night, i put my camera and walk around taking some pictures of those hard working peoples. From all the photos, i've just selected when they sleep on their tools just for to show that they really work harder.

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